Why Quartz



Highly Durable and Strengthful

Being engineered, quartz is one of the strongest materials and is an incredibly durable surface. Once installed and if maintained with little care regularly, it can survive for at least a decade. This is why Quartz becomes the most preferred choice when it comes to the use of restrooms and kitchens.

Multiple Colors and Styles

Being an engineered stone, quartz can be made any color according to everyone’s personal choice. Also, depending on the material, it can provide you an array of designs. Featuring contemporary designs to luxurious ones, you can remodel any space in any way you want with quartz stone.

Easy to Maintain and Hygienic Too

As quartz is a nonporous surface, it doesn’t have to be sealed. This makes it resistant to not all, but most of the stains. By cleaning it with mild soap and dishwashers, soaps, and wipes, one can sustain its beauty for many years. With that, the nonporous characteristic of Quartz means it has fewer seams so it does not host bacterias, therefore, providing a bacteria-less, hygienic environment.

Environmental Friendly

Quartz being an engineered product doesn’t mean it is harmful to the environment. It is because the majority of the raw material used for the development of quartz surface is extracted from the earth’s crust which is generally the bi-products of natural stones like granite.

Different Edgings

At Madhav Surfaces, you seemingly have varied options of edge profiles to choose from that can be best styled with your application.

quartz edges design


It is generally referred to as ‘softened square’ as it features rounded square edges.

quartz cabinet edges design

Demi Bullnose

This edging is flattened at the bottom and rounded along the top.

quartz countertop edges

Waterfall / Double Radius

This edge profile brings flowing effect by and features multiple rounded edges.

quartz countertops edge design

Step- Half Bullnose/ Dupont

It features a convex radius or inverted ogee edge that looks great with conventional kitchen designs.

quartz counter edges


It is a simple 45 degree angular edge finish that looks great with modern countertops styles.

quartz kitchen countertop edges design


A smooth and absolutely rounded edging.

quartz kitchen countertop edges


This traditional edging features a concave arch converting into convex arch.

Quartz specifications

Top Roundover

prefab quartz edge

Hollywood / Wedge Bevel

This edge finishing profile is firmly sloped with rounded off bottoms .

Quartz specifications

Ogee Special


Our quartz surface is available in multiple thicknesses for different application solutions.

Quartz slab manufacturer

2 CM

Quartz slabs supplier

3 CM


Our different sets of tiles format that can fit in every types of floorings requirements.

quartz manufacturer and supplier
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