Tips to Clean and Take Care of Quartz Countertops
Tips to Clean and Take Care of Quartz Countertops

Everyone loves a subtle touch of elegance and decency in their house interiors, especially the kitchen interiors. For this reason, many of us go with the most used yet unique white countertops in our kitchen areas. We mostly install white countertops so that we can pair them up with our favorite cabinet colours and make our kitchen space stand out. But what comes along with these countertops is a lot of dirt accumulation due to the heavy use of oils and other substances in the kitchen. So, in this blog today we will discuss some tips on taking care of your countertops, especially the white countertops 

Advantages of Using White Countertops 

Nowadays, quartz countertops are ruling the architecture and interior designing industry. This is because of the great advantages that come along with this natural stone. So before we move on to the DOs and DONTs of white countertops, let us know the advantages of installing quartz countertops.

  1. Since quartz is among the earth’s toughest minerals, it is very robust and long-lasting. They are perfect for frequent areas because they are immune to heat, chipping, scuffs, and stains.
  2. They are sanitary, non-toxic, and safe. Since quartz is intrinsically non-porous, it won’t soak fluids or support microbial growth.
  3. One of the greenest products in the industry is quartz. At the completion of its useful life, this recyclable and ecologically beneficial substance can be reused.

Now that we know the benefits of installing quartz countertops, we can learn how to take care of our white countertops.

All you Need to Know About White Countertops Having Black Veins

  1. Why Are They So Popular?

The quartz slabs collection available at Madhav Quartz contains highly durable stones and its countertops are extremely popular among buyers because of their elegance and simplicity offered. It’s almost like having a blank white piece of canvas with regular yet random black wavy patterns all around it. The black veins are spatially arranged within the white countertops and they look amazingly elegant and exotic.

  1. The Best White Countertops are

The best examples of such countertops are the following samples, exclusively available at Madhav Surfaces. 

Calacatta Bellagio quartz

Calacatta Aurica-5202

If you are looking for more options to use the stones for home decor, check this blog on Quartz Home Design Trends to follow  

All these quartz slabs look amazingly lavish and rich, with some unique features distinguishing each slab from another. 

3.  How to Take Care of the White Countertops?

Now comes the main part, how to maintain the charm and glamour of these countertops. 

  1. The exquisite addition of white quartz surfaces with black veining to a home requires no additional upkeep to keep them appearing their best. They are simple to clean with water and mild soap. It’s generally sufficient to clean with a soft cloth or towel rather than employing harsh scouring.
  2. Since many of these can harm the veins, it is advisable to avoid using aggressive solvents or gritty cleaning.
  3. If spills do happen, make sure to clean them up right away to avoid leaving a lasting mark. Almost all of the time, all that is required to maintain the countertop’s new appearance is a quick wipe-down with a moist cloth.
  4. Chopping trays will assist the quartz’s durability, and employing coasters will help prevent water stains and other deterioration to the tabletop. People may maintain their stunning and spotless white countertops with black veins for years to come by following these easy instructions.

Buying white countertops can be a very good option for those looking to redo their kitchen interiors. However, we at Madhav Quartz believe in serving our customers before and after the purchase. For care and maintenance, we will provide you with a guide on how to take care of these slabs. In fact, you won’t even need to do much because our high-quality quartz countertops already have all the natural abilities which increase their maintenance and durability. Contact our experts and get the best quotation about our products offered. If you are staying in the Middle East, visit us in Oman and check our product range offered.

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