Everything You Should Know About How Quartz Stone Is Manufactured

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Quartz stone Manufacturing Process

Quartz stone is the most abundant mineral on earth. As a chemical compound, its makeup is of one silicon atom and two oxygen atoms. Though it undergoes some artificial modification processes, quartz stone is a 90% natural substance. It comes in a variety of forms and exists in several different locations in nature, including beaches. 

Quartz, among the other natural stones, offers you all the beauty and elegance. The artificial engineering process makes it harder, more durable, and low-maintenance. Hence, it is immensely popular among the various interior designers and homeowners.

Madhav quartz use it everywhere — from residential buildings to commercial buildings and even industrial buildings. There’s no space that quartz stone transforms from drab to fantastic. 

How Quartz Is Manufactured?

1. Quartz Extraction

The first part of the production process of quartz involves the mining of the raw material. It usually involves open-pit mining. Explosives are rarely used because they can damage the raw material.

2. Processing

After mining, the stone goes through the cleaning stage. At Madhav Quartz, we ensure this is done carefully and thoroughly. And the process mainly involves removing impurities, which may affect the quality of the final product.  

3. Blending of Raw Quartz with Binders

The clean quartz aggregates are then mixed with small ratios of resins to help bind the slab together. The mixture also includes other additives. These include chemicals, stone, and glass. And they improve the final appearance of the quartz stone slab. This combination of quartz, resins, and other additives is then mixed thoroughly in a special mixer.

4. Formation of Slabs

After the mixing process, the mixture is poured into a mold to form the final slabs. It is then heated to extreme temperatures and compressed at very high pressure. This process helps the resulting stone to be tough, durable, and heat resistant. After this, the slabs are left to cool for over a day.

5. Slab Trimming

Before finally being ready for sale, the quartz stone slabs get trimmed at the edges and polished. And at Madhav Quartz, you can only be sure of getting quality slabs.

Top 4 Popular Uses of Quartz At Home

Quartz is a beautiful, durable, low-maintenance material. These properties make it ideal for surfaces in your home. When it comes to color, there are several options to choose from. Whether you want to go for Classic whites like: CALACATTA MYSTIK,

or looking for darker shades like  Denali Noir, Madhav Quartz has an ultimate quartz collection to explore from. There are also several ways you can incorporatequartz stone into the décor of your home.

Calacatta Mystik Quartz Surfaces

1. Flooring

Using quartz as flooring gives your home an elegant appearance. Besides, it is durable and low-maintenance, so it is also a convenient option for you. 

2. Kitchen Countertops

Installing quartz countertops in your kitchen is an inexpensive way to make your kitchen luxurious. These are also functional because of their hardness and resistance to stains.

3. Backsplash

Quartz tiles as backsplash can endure all the mess in your kitchen without losing its original charm. The non-porous stone not only protects the wall from moisture but also prohibits stains from causing permanent discoloration. All it requires is easy cleaning. 

4. Around Your Fireplace

Use quartz stone to add a sleek, modern look to your fireplace. Make it look unique without spending too much money. Apart from being durable and heat resistant, it also helps in the conduction of heat from the fireplace.

5. Restroom Counters

Natural stones are usually discouraged for use in the restroom. Mostly because they are porous, require high maintenance, and can easily get damaged by water. However, this is not the case with quartz. You can comfortably use quartz slabs as vanity tops in your restroom. And you have nothing to worry about the stone getting damaged by water.

Now you know all the work that goes into producing quartz slabs. You finally understand how this one stone can offer you the durability and beauty of natural stones. And also the variability of a man-made product. Thus, making it your perfect choice for any space décor in your home. So why delay? You can get your quartz slabs today from Madhav Quartz. 

Why Should You Choose Madhav Quartz?

Madhav Quartz has been creating a comprehensive range of beautiful, engineered quartz surfaces to meet the demands of modern living. We offer hardwearing and easy to care quartz stones that perfectly fit any purpose. Our versatile design solutions are tailor-made for a wide range of settings. 

Choose the best color, pattern, texture, and finish that suits your residential or commercial interiors. We have the quality craftsmanship and technical expertise to provide the perfect look and feel for your desire. Even if you have a different application in mind other than the ones mentioned here, we are here to make it a reality! Connect with us now! 

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