When to Choose Quartz for Your Interiors?

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Quartz Stone For Interiors

Quartz Stone: For Interiors

The building or remodeling of a home has to be one of the most taxing activities. You’d have the perfect vision of what home you hope to set up. But there’s that big question of what materials can make that vision a reality. Well, there’s one material — quartz stones. And right here is your answer to the why and when to use this special material. 

To start with, you should know this. The quartz stone is an engineered material made of nearly 95% quartz and 5% polyester resin. The natural properties of the mixture, and the engineering process, give this material a tough strength and elegant look. That’s gain your interest? Now if you want to go deep into how quartz stone is manufactured, read this blog.

Reading on further, quartz comes with matchless list of colors. Its popularity goes so deep, even among interior designers. And knowing just how savvy they tend to be, quartz must be the real deal then. Now, you would soon realize there’s almost no space where you can’t make use of it. But let’s get even more specific by noting these factors that decide when to use quartz. 

When to Use Quartz? 

1. Climatic Conditions

Well, one thing is quartz stone is heat-resistant. And it’s also known to resist weathering. But is it entirely unaffected by high temperatures? No.

High temperatures can destroy its resin component. And decolorization also does occur due to high temperatures. But does this mean living in a hot region prevents you from using quartz? 

The answer is still no. The only real threat of temperature will then come only from hot objects. Never will it be because of hot climatic conditions. So, no matter where you live, you get to choose quartz.

2. Your Décor Requirements and Taste

Another thing to consider would be your taste in interior décor styles. The good news is there is the perfect quartz for every style you prefer. As you move from styles like the modern to minimalist and contemporary, you’d expect fitting colors and surfaces. And as you would have it, quartz comes in a wide array of colors and surfaces. You’d even find some that look very much like other natural stones. 

At Madhav Quartz, there’s the white series of quartz stones with both straight and curvy veinings. And these would fit into any of your modern, minimalist, and contemporary interiors. You can also get those with really vibrant colors to help add a piece of entertainment to your interiors. And if your interiors require solid colors, the quartz still serves you well.

3. Location for Use

Then, you will need to question where you hope to use quartz. The quartz stone comes with such properties as being non-porous, and can withstand wear and tear of frequent use. And with its many colors and surfaces, it is not only durable but also elegant. 

Hence, it can go for your kitchen countertops and backsplashes. It could also go well for your bar and restaurant countertops. And at Madhav Quartz, you’ve got about all the options that will fit perfectly into your place.

So When You Decide To Choose Quartz, What Benefits Await You?

  • You can have both elegance and durability in one material.
  • While its exquisiteness compares to other stones, it’s a lot more affordable. 
  • Its wide array of colors makes it possible to suit your unique aesthetic taste.
  • It’s non-porous. Thus, you won’t have to worry about sealing and costly maintenance.

So far, you’ve seen how that quartz stone fits into your different uses. And given these benefits, there’s really no reason not to choose yours today.

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Madhav Quartz – Varieties For Every Space 

Madhav Quartz offers a wide range of quartz stone varieties that suit different spaces as well as different tastes. In addition to the varieties, we offer bespoke quartz products to our customers which makes us one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of quartz. 

Whether you are looking to buy quartz for wall cladding, countertop, backsplash or flooring, we are here to serve you the best. Only after a thorough inspection of our final products do we transport them to our customers. We check for the relevant shape, thickness, finish and edge profile for complete satisfaction of our customers. 

Last but not the least, we provide the highest quality material at the best price. To get your best quote for your particular project, contact us! 

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