Popular Options of Quartz That Look Like Marble

Quartz Slabs That Represent Marble
Quartz Slabs That Represent Marble

Quartz slabs possess the classic, stunning, and timeless properties which makes a desirable surface to put in place of Marble. As marble costs too much maintenance, which makes a clear entry of Quartz slabs.

The easy maintenance, attractive colours & patterns of quartz surfaces give it a competitive edge over natural stones. But the admirers of marble don’t have to be disheartened. Every quartz manufacturer assures that their quartz mimics the marble to impart an even enhanced look. You must be familiar with the popular varieties of quartz that look exactly like marble but come with low maintenance and affordable pricing. So, here is a guide explaining showstopper quartz varieties which are a better alternative to marble for your personal spaces. 

Why Choose Quartz Slabs That Look Like Marble?

Quartz slabs are durable, appealing, and virtually maintenance-free, thus ruling over marble or granite. It is an engineered stone that looks exactly like marble with even more beautiful designs, colours, and patterns. 

Marble is a natural metamorphic rock that is excavated from a quarry. Later, these quarried raw slabs undergo an energy-extensive process to become luxurious and finely-polished home-embellishing surfaces. Also, it has a porous and scratch-prone surface that needs extensive care and yearly maintenance. Thus, it is an expensive stone that everyone couldn’t afford.

While a quartz slab manufacturer engineers, countertops by combining 90-95% quartz minerals with 5-10% resin polymers and pigments.  If you want to know in detail about How Quartz Stone is Manufactured, read in detail through this blog.

As per the analysis quartz slabs are less expensive, durable, non-porous, stain and scratch-resistant. Further, they can also be customized to look like marble or other natural stones. So, choosing the best quartz exporter – Madhav Quartz having a world-class quartz slabs collection is the best option to go with. 

Why Are Homeowners Choosing Quartz Slabs Over Marble?

Everyone looks for sturdy, long-lasting, and captivating materials while investing in home decor. Quartz surfaces offer it all at once. So, homeowners are choosing quartz slabs over marble while designing or renovating their personal spaces.

Also, the fact that a quartz slab manufacturer engineers these surfaces as per the customer’s requirement and style makes them trendy. Also, if you install quartz slabs in residential kitchens and restrooms, you don’t have to worry about their cleaning and maintenance.

Another feature that your quartz slab supplier offers you is its consistent pattern and design. The non-uniform patterns of marbles or other natural stones make them less appealing to homeowners. However, no such issues are observed with engineered quartz surfaces.

Some Popular Quartz Options That Replicate Marble

Besides the fact that quartz is ruling over other countertops, many people are still awestruck with the luxurious vibe of marble. No worries if you are also one of them! Here is your guide to some popular quartz offered by a top-rated quartz slab supplier that resembles marble.

1. Calacatta Bellagio

One of the majestic quartz slabs that you can install in place of marble is Calacatta Bellagio. This quartz surface reflects an elegant ivory background with some dramatic thick grey veinings splashed all around its surface. 

Installing this gorgeous quartz surface is perfect to uplift the grandeur of your living space. Madhav Surfaces is the leading quartz slab supplier that bags this variety in their exclusive collection. Be it floorings, backsplashes, restrooms, kitchen countertops, or any other application, it goes well with everything. 

2. Calacatta Classic

The list of marble-resembling quartz slabs remains incomplete without mentioning Calacatta Classic. It is a light-toned, creamy-white quartz surface with striking marble-like veinings that make stunning kitchen worktops, waterfall islands, and vanity tops.

Calacatta Classic Quartz

As an eminent quartz slab manufacturer, Madhav Surfaces recommends this variety as one of the finest surfaces for homes and offices. 

3. Calacatta Whitney Oro (BV)- 4104

Creating a chic and sophisticated appeal becomes possible with our Calacatta Whitney Oro (BV) quartz surface. If you are looking for a quartz surface that complements your minimalist interiors with glamorous and bold elements, it is the right choice for you.

It is one of the must-have marble-looking varieties for every quartz manufacturer.

4. Crema D’ Oro-135 

Crema D’ Oro quartz adds a welcoming appeal to any place. It comes with a soft creamy texture that goes well with contemporary interiors. Quartz counslabstertops with this marble-like stone create an authentic setting that would never go unnoticed by your guests.

Your quartz manufacturer can further customize this surface for accent walls, floorings, vanity, and kitchen countertops. You can easily find these gorgeous stones in the Madhav Quartz collection. Also if you want to know more about the Best Application Of Quartz Slabs In Different Areas, read on this detailed blog. 

Madhav Quartz- A Premium Supplier of Quality Quartz

If finding the premium quality quartz slabs is your primary concern, then you are at the right place. Madhav Surfaces- the renowned quartz slab supplier, is right here to help you out. 

Even marble lovers fall for the top-notch quartz slabs at first sight. So, without any further ado, get in touch with us today.

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