Best Application of Quartz Slabs in Different Areas

Application Areas of Quartz Slabs
Application Areas of Quartz Slabs

Quartz slabs are one of the most versatile and widely used stones in various industries. Quartz is the second most naturally occurring mineral available in a variety of alluring colours which makes quartz slabs the most sought-after material. 

Though the purest form of quartz is clear and white, the impurities present in its crystal impart various colours like pink, purple, blue, yellow, grey, etc. So, you can always customise its appearance from any quartz manufacturer as per your need. 

Being a leading quartz supplier, we are presenting the characteristic properties of this popular crystal.

  • Quartz is formed of Silicon and Oxygen atoms arranged in a continuous framework of tetrahedra. 
  • It is one of the hardest minerals, measuring 7 points on Moh’s scale.
  • The quartz slabs are chemically inert and thus do not corrode on exposure to chemicals or other substances. 
  • Quartz can exist in all temperatures because of its high melting point.
  • Under mechanical stress, it generates electric potential due to its piezoelectric property.

Key Industry Insights

Every quartz slab supplier contributes the most towards the construction industry. It imitates the granite rock and is composed of 90% ground quartz with 10% of resins, pigments, and polymers. 

Quartz exporters report that quartz countertops are better than granite or marble for residential spaces. Because of its elegant appearance, non-porosity, and durability, the demand for quartz slabs is booming in the market. 

Homeowners prefer a reliable quartz slab supplier for various applications both in residential and commercial projects. However, the high cost of its raw material is the only restraining force limiting its growth in the market. 

Areas That Makes The Best Use of Quartz Slabs

1. Worktops

Quartz slabs are better than any other natural stone to be installed as worktops. Its durability and versatile colors & patterns make it a much better option. Unlike granite, quartz slab manufacturers use artificial colour which can provide it with a sense of personalization to match your kitchen’s existing theme. To know more about how quartz slabs are manufactured, read on this detailed blog on How Quartz Stone Is Manufactured.

2. Kitchen countertops

Quartz slab suppliers remain in high demand for kitchen countertops, for their moisture and heat resistance properties. It prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses and keeps the damage at bay. Some popular quartz slabs to be used as quartz kitchen countertops are, Calacatta Bellagio quartz and Calacatta Denali quartz

3. Flooring

For flooring, people choose a material that is easy to clean and maintain. Hence, a quartz manufacturer can provide the best choice. Its stain resistance and eye-catching patterns make quartz slabs a perfect flooring material. 

4. Vanity tops

As already discussed, a quartz supplier can guarantee moisture resistance. Installing them as vanity tops works well. Even after coming in contact with water, such restroom vanities remain intact and resist corrosion or any other damage.

5. Backsplashes

Quartz slabs come in a variety of colors and don’t even require a sealant for further protection. Also, installing a big slab of quartz as a backsplash provides a modern and sleek aesthetics to your living space. Calacatta Whitney and Bianco tiffone quartz are some popular option.

Bianco tiffone quartz slab

6. Others

Besides these, the quartz slab supplier would suggest its installation around fireplaces, showers, wall claddings, etc. Its visual appeal and physical properties make it a practical building material. 

Application Industries of Quartz Slabs

1. Residential

Quartz slabs can instantly upgrade a residential setting. Its stunning appearances are enough to make a style statement among homeowners.  

2. Commercial

Commercial spaces like offices and retail stores also install quartz for various purposes. This engineered stone is best for creating reception desks, tabletops, and luxurious interiors. Quartz has some exciting features which enhance the look of your interior. Read this blog to know the Ways Madhav Quartz Can Transform The Look of Your Interior

3. Others

Besides homes and offices, spaces like shopping malls, hospitals, and airports also make wide use of quartz slabs. 

Get Best Quality Quartz – Madhav Quartz 

Be it a remodeling project for your home, office, or any other use, Madhav Quartz is your go-to stop for top-quality quartz slabs. Our handpicked countertop materials and tailored customer services make us the best quartz slab manufacturer.

We are here to help transform your living spaces with classy quartz slabs to match your needs and standards.

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