Calacatta Mighty-5121

Calacatta Mighty-5121


Calacatta Mighty-5121 features a distinctive, flowing grey veining that runs like a stream through the stone’s white background. This is truly contemporary quartz with an unusual movement and brilliance that will stand out in your kitchen. The stone combines lasting beauty with exceptional strength so it’s an ideal choice to use as countertops, flooring, or other surfaces that you’re proud of for years to come. Because of its strength and natural look, Calacatta Mighty-5121 blends well in modern decor. This requires us to be meticulous in every step of the manufacturing process as well as keep an eye out for every detail to ensure that we’re satisfying our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you create a stunning and durable countertop or flooring for your home.

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2 CM & 3 CM


138 x 79 inches, 350 x 200 cm


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