Calacatta Knight-711 D

Calacatta Knight-711 D

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The off-white background with fine and clean veins accented throughout is the highlighting feature of the Calacatta Knight-711 D quartz. Its lovely and sophisticated look makes this piece of our collection stand out from the rest. The best application of this quartz is to use in creating luxurious kitchen interior designings or restrooms or even in flooring. Get this look and undoubtedly, make a spellbound impression in front of the guests. Calacatta Knight-711 D is a form of white quartz which boasts a distinctive veining across the surfaces, one of the more popular options among luxury countertop builders. This unique stone is brought to life by Madhav Surfaces, which are one of Oman’s most well-known providers of Calacatta quartz stone slabs for use in modern tabletop design projects.

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2 CM
3 CM


138 x 79 inches
350 x 200 cm


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