Calacatta Alessandro – 3312

Calacatta Alessandro – 3312


The durability, easy-to-clean, and maintenance-free features of the Calacatta Alessandro quartz slab make it an ideal choice for creating show-stopping white quartz countertops, kitchen island tops, worktops, backsplashes, and more. The white backdrop with thick light-grey veins makes it a popular choice among many because of its bright and timeless appearance. Reflecting natural light, it gives your kitchen an airy and spacious feel, making it a stunning addition to any space. By choosing Calacatta Alessandro quartz slabs, you can ensure that you get a highly durable Quartz surface, providing your kitchen with a clean and striking finish. Its timeless feel makes it a highly sought-after option for those wanting to add a modern, contemporary look to their kitchen. Contact us to learn more about our Calacatta range of stones.

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2 CM & 3 CM


138 x 79 inches, 350 x 200 cm


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