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Every year Pantone declares the Color of the Year as per the trending designs in various industries. Typically, Pantone colors always make their way to fashion trends, product colors, and of course, interior design. 

So, this year, you can expect a bright shade of purple with subdued violet and red hues, i.e., Very Peri. Incorporating such an unusual purple shade into interior design could be challenging for many. 

But the strategy behind declaring it as the Color of the Year is, “Very Peri displays a spritely joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages creativity and imaginative expressions,”- says Pantone Color Institute executive. 

So, to make the most out of this vibrant color in 2022 in your home decor, follow this guide:

Pairing Pantone Colors With Quartz For Beautiful Interiors

Unleash your creativity to pair Very Peri interior decor trends with quartz surfaces that accentuate Pantone Colors. Every leading quartz slab manufacturer ensures to come up with trendy designs and patterns to help you recreate a heart-warming interior decor. And Madhav Quartz has a varied range of quartz to transform the look of your interior which can be explored in this detailed blog.

Here are a few tips on how to glorify and redesign your space, keeping the fear of messing things up at bay.

1. Incorporate Very Peri On the Walls 

Don’t hesitate to experiment with painting your walls with this periwinkle hue from Pantone colors. It may seem like a daring choice for any homeowner. But you can pair it with the beautiful Crystal White quartz by the renowned quartz supplier-Madhav Surfaces. 

Crystal White quartz slab

Its pure white beauty and calming appeal subtly balance out the loudness of Very Peri. This enticing combination won’t fail to create an out-of-the-box aesthetic. As a reliable quartz exporter, Madhav also recommends combining over-saturated purple walls with white and durable quartz countertops to keep up with the interior decor trends.

2. Use Purple Tones in Your Floors

When paired up with the unique and eye-pleasing Calacatta Classic, Pantone colors become even more glorious. This light creamy white gem supplied by the best quartz manufacturer complements the purple tone of Very Peri incorporated into the floorings. 

With the best quartz slab supplier, you can spread the creativity of purple tones in your residential or commercial floorings. This particular quartz surface also has clean, striking lines which give it the marble look. So, using this neutral shade of quartz with Veri-Peri from Pantone colors makes home decor even more alluring. 

3. Find Pops of Purple Everywhere In Between

Sometimes, the Pantone colors could go out of your comfort zone. Many times you won’t be ready to paint your walls right away. If can feel the same with the vibrant shade of purple-Very Peri, then we’ve got a solution for you! 

You can welcome this elegant hue to your home decor by installing pops of purple in various corners of the room. You might have already invested in tiles, backsplashes, or countertops supplied by Madhav quartz, the slab supplier that provides the best quartz to redesign your space with a trending color. 

So, you can add purple glassware, vases, curtains, bedsheets, and similar accessories, to embrace the Pantone colors with ease.

4. Create a comforting bedroom

When floorings or wall cladding is done with Fair Banks quartz by Madhav Surfaces, inviting the Pantone colors becomes exciting and fun. Also, it forms an incredible combination with the Very Peri tones. Since it is a shade of blue, it brings feelings of calm and serenity to the mind. So, you can install this combination in personal spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

Fair Banks quartz slabs

Hence, the Pantone Colors has brought an opportunity for you to create a comfortable bedroom by installing the elements of this graceful color. 

5. Sprinkle in purple accessories.

Besides other ideas, sprinkling the purple shade in accent pieces and accessories is also a superb way to invite Pantone Colors every year. You can spend some money on purple floor carpets, ceramics, or restroom supplies. 

If you choose an eminent quartz slab manufacturer, finding a suitable stone to accentuate the Very Peri-colored home accessories becomes a cakewalk. The best quartz surface for kitchen worktops, vanity tops, floorings, etc. that highlights the Periwinkle shade is Madhav’s Cobble Stone.

There are more ways to find out that quartz slabs can be applied in different areas. Know more about it in this detailed blog.

Madhav Quartz- Primemost Exporters of Quality Quartz Slabs

Go beyond your creativity to welcome the shade of 2022 from the Pantone Colors chart to embellish your home. You can create even better results by finding a complementing quartz surface for your interiors.

Get in touch with Madhav Surfaces- the best quartz slab supplier offering quartz for countertops, flooring tiles, accent wall tiles, etc., and add a lively atmosphere to your living space. Madhav Surfaces is your one-stop solution to bring home the Pantone Colours without compromising on your style or taste.

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