Custom Home Design Trends with Quartz

Home Desgin trends with Quartz Surfaces
Home Design trends with Quartz Surfaces

Home design trends change perpetually with each passing year, thus, it is the responsibility of the interior designers to tailor new and innovative trends to the client projects. From minimalist aesthetic changes to redesigning the entire interior layout, the latest quartz home design trends are unique and magnificent in appeal. In addition, the quartz’s durability and its unprecedented look give your space an inventive stylish quotient. So, in this blog, we will discuss the newest custom home design trends in the USA that feature quartz and are most likely to become famous in 2022. 

Quartz Interior Home Design Trends Upcoming for 2023  

1. Luxurious Style 

Quartz gives an enormous opportunity to a decorative connoisseur to select from its extensive range of colors, textures, and patterns. This variety offers a lustrous and grand look in your space that creates a spellbound impression in front of the guests. Moreover, using quartz in home design facilitates easy stain removal and is highly resilient to everyday wear and tear. 

Suppose you want to create an impressive and super-luxurious interior design for your client. In that case, you must try these two beautiful quartz options from Madhav Quartz – White Supernova and Laurent Noir. While their White Supernova emerges from their eye-catching serenity collection, Laurent Noir from Oman resembles a galactic arrangement of textures and patterns within the stone. White Supernova features white quartz with glitter crystals, while Laurent Noir reflects a galactic arrangement that is quite pleasing to look at. 

Laurent Noir Quartz surface

2. Clean & Modern Style 

Quartz home design with modern style offers a clean, simple and sleek look with an elegant choice of color palette. For instance, Supernova-423 quartz from our selection would give a modern and sophisticated look to any area of your house. Also, this is readily available in various sizes and finishing options to make it look more elegant and customized.  

3. Less is More- A Minimalist Approach

A minimalist quartz home design trend is somewhat similar to the modern interior design style, but this features a classic look with more of a monochromatic color palette. The quartz designs, such as Bianco Super & Blizzard, from our Bed Rock collection and CobbleStone, perfectly suit the “Less is More” design aesthetics. Check it out now! 

Bianco Super Quartz

4. Contemporary Style 

Most designers experiment by mixing contemporary and modern styles to scale up the interiors’ decorative flair. But let us tell you that both of the styles are distinct. The modern style is focused on a crisp, clean, and smooth texture, while the contemporary style is more inclined toward curves and often accented with bright and bold colors against the neutrals. You can check numerous varieties in our collection to adorn the space with the look of your choice. 

 5. Vibrant Appeal Quartz for Home Design Trends 

Gone are the days of designers using dull white quartz countertops. Instead, vibrant colors are the new rage in 2022, offering a stunning and energetic look. Also, one of the expert tips is to use the vibrant color of quartz countertops with white cabinetry to give an incredible look that your client deserves. 

Quartz stones are the most timelessly used stones for redecorating a kitchen. They have been trending for almost a decade because of their durability if maintained properly. Additionally, the quartz kitchenette offers a phenomenal look that immediately grabs the guests’ attention because of its variable and charismatic colours, designs, and textures. 

 Quartz Backsplashes 

Most people having a modern home interior prefer using quartz for redoing their kitchen backsplashes. This is because the quartz stone offers resistance against oil splashes, which often spoil the color of the walls. Moreover, a monochromatic backsplash will give a rather contemporary appeal. You can customize the quartz color scheme according to the theme of your kitchen interiors and cabinetry. The most exciting point here is that all this can be done at a minimal cost if you get it done from Madhav Quartz exquisite quartz stone collection

Where to Get the Finest Quality of Quartz? 

Madhav Surfaces in Oman, being a leading stone and marble supplier and manufacturer offer the best quality premium quartz. You can choose from a variety of colours, sizes, and finishings as per the theme of your home interiors. If you are a designer, you can create a customized space for your clients, giving them a choice of stones to select from. You can contact us to learn more about our services and the collection of stones we offer.

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