Calacatta Quartz for Gorgeous Interiors
Calacatta Quartz for Gorgeous Interiors

Calacatta quartz is synonymous with elegance and sophistication, thus considered as one of the most desirable countertops available today. Being an engineered stone, quartz comes with durability, heat, and stain resistance. So, it can endure daily wear and tear efficiently. Also, its wide range of mesmerizing colors and patterns make it an ideal choice to embellish your kitchen. In today’s busy lifestyle, every household looks for convenient and effortless ways to keep their spaces tidy. And the kitchen is the most occupied place among all, with the activities like cooking, spilling, and handling hot dishes. So, its maintenance requires the most attention. 

This is where your quartz supplier comes into the picture. The varieties like Calacatta quartz come with subtle backdrops with gorgeous thick veinings. And the fact that quartz doesn’t require a sealant gives it an upper hand over other natural stone countertops. So, it remains in high demand among homeowners, architects, and professional designers. 

There are several more reasons which describe When to Choose Quartz For Your Interiors, read in detail through this blog. 

Why is Calacatta Quartz a Popular Pick for Kitchen Remodeling?

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, you might be targeting its decor, maintenance, or ambiance to upgrade. Calacatta is one of the engineered stones to help you achieve it all at once. With this incredible-looking engineered stone, you get to have the perks of natural Calacatta marbles, excluding its shortcomings. Also, any renowned quartz slab supplier would recommend it as a perfect kitchen countertop that any residential or commercial setting could have. 

Quartz exporters often describe quartz countertops as 95% of ground quartz, i.e., the hardest mineral present abundantly on the earth, and 5% of polymer resins. Also, Calacatta quartz’s can be customized to accentuate the existing kitchen’s theme. Thus, its unparalleled strength, practical functionality, and elegant varieties make it a top-notch choice for kitchen remodeling. If you want to know in detail why quartz is best to choose for interiors, read this in detail here. 

Calacatta Quartz Available with Madhav Quartz

Madhav Quartz has come up with this vast range of Calacatta quartz’s to help you uplift your kitchen aesthetics. Besides, when you choose a leading quartz manufacturer like Madhav, you don’t have to worry about the quality or price of the stone. So, to make your investment worthy, here are the top picks of quartz surfaces: 

1. Calacatta Bellagio Quartz 

Calacatta Bellagio is a top-rated countertop that any quartz slab manufacturer can have in their collection. It comes with this subtle ivory tone with large-thick gray veining splashed on the backdrop. Such a soft-toned Calacatta quartz’s can easily blend with any style or type of kitchen. Installing this quartz slab adds warmth and an eye-catching element to your kitchen space. As a top quartz slab supplier for many years, we suggest that it goes best with gray or dark kitchen cabinets and accessories. 

Calacatta Bellagio Quartz

2. Calacatta Caribou Quartz

Installing this variety of Calacatta quartz’s into your kitchen countertops brings class and sophistication to your living space. It’s clear white backdrop with delicate yet striking gray vinings make it one of the rarest and most unique choices from any quartz manufacturer. Besides countertops, installing Calacatta Caribou Quartz as backsplashes or wall claddings is also recommended by every expert quartz supplier.

3. Calacatta Classic Quartz

When you have guests around, all the magic happens in the kitchen. So, it is inevitable to have an appealing touch to such a magical space, and hence, you need Calacatta Classic Quartz.  Our expertise as the quartz slab manufacturer allows us to recommend this exceptionally white Calacatta with marble-mimicking veins for kitchen islands, backsplashes, or even floorings. 

4. Calacatta Denali Quartz

If you want to create a lively and radiant ambiance in your cooking space, then Calacatta Denali quartz is the perfect stone. It comes with a creamy white background paired with subtle-brown impressionable veins. No quartz supplier would deny the beauty of this spectacular surface. So, keep in mind that you could not go wrong while remodeling your kitchen with this stone. 

Calacatta Denali Quartz

5. Calacatta Divine Quartz

Creating a space that defines your audacious personality is possible with Calacatta Divine quartz. Its opaque white base with well-defined bold grey veins make this stone one of a kind.  As a leading quartz exporter, we enable you to choose such quartz countertops that impart a delightful touch while renovating your kitchen. 

Madhav, A Premium Supplier of Quality Quartz Slabs

Finding a classy, durable, and top-grade Calacatta quartz’s is now possible with Madhav Quartz. Our calibrated range of premium quartz stones would leave you awestruck and always let you win over your guests’ hearts. 
Madhav quartz is among the supplier quartz manufacturers that would never fail to impress its customers. Feel free to contact us for further information or guidance to renovate your personal space.

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