Since its establishment, Madhav Surfaces has been perhaps the most trusted and eminent manufacturers of Quartz surfaces on the lookout. We are a subsidiary of Madhav Marbles And Granites Ltd., a pioneer natural stone exporter from India, and Khimji Ramdas, one of the leading business conglomerates in Oman.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructural set-up is located in Oman, with the most technologically advanced machinery and hardware installed.
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Our exquisite range of premium quartz surfaces are gaining a lot of demand in the residential , commercial and hospitality world. Quartz is emerging architects and interior designer’s first choice, owing to the high enduring features that it comes with, and aesthetically alluring appearance.

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Dolce Vita – 2124

With a warm and subtle beige background, Dolce Vita complements well with glistening strands of gold and gives off a truly remarkable appearance.

Bianco Tiffone – 6111

Our Opulence collection features Bianco Tiffone Quartz, an exceptional material with bold, striking black veins set against a contrasting white backdrop.

bianco tiffone zoom stone
Bianco Tiffone

Cold Spring – 1233

The recently launched cold spring quartz possesses a distinctive appearance, attributed to its stylish rustic veins that exude a subtle yet captivating charm.

Calacatta Irvine – 3321

Calacatta Irvine quartz showcases the exquisite allure of nature, enhanced by striking veining that delicately complements its soothing neutral hues.


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Quartz is one of the toughest materials as it is highly resilient and tenacious Also, it can last as long as quite a while.

Quartz surface properties


Quartz can withstand many kitchen stains. But it is not scratch-proof. Therefore,some neutral ph cleaners are highly advised.

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It is non-porous and does not require to be sealed. Just some regular cleaning with mild soap and water and it can keep going for quite a long time!

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It is highly enduring and can impressively be resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches.

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It is mostly made up of raw materials that are extracted from the earth’s crust. Also, it tends to be recycled easily.

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Due to a nonporous surface, which means it holds minimum bacteria, it makes the surroundings hygienic and bacteria less.

Why Choose Us?

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Vast Infrastructural Set Up

Our state-of-the-art infrastructural setup has been spread over a vast area, which includes the technologically upgraded machinery and equipment required for quarrying, processing, and finishing.

Adherence to Quality Check Concerns

We, as a leading exporter and supplier of quartz surfaces in the global markets, sincerely adhere to stringent quality check measures and regular inspections . With this, we make sure that every product undergoes this process to ensure that the product delivered to the customers is crafted of prime quality.

Quartz Countertop Design
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Owing to our innovative technology and economies of scale, we can serve our products and services with affordable, highly competitive, pocket-friendly price tags without compromising on quality.

Varied Options in Design and Finishing

Our quartz surfaces come in varied color palettes and texture choices, along with this it can be complemented well with any sort of interior designing of spaces. We also provide multiple finishes for our products.

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